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Discover insights into our design ethos through our Creative Director's art. Most notably part of HRH of Monaco's private collection, the essence of artistic creativity found in these pieces is the force behind the brand.

We welcome you to also purchase the pieces you find in this online collection as an NFT or in framed format.


With a background in fine art photography, learned from the age of 19 as the only protégé of famed Hollywood photographer to the stars, Martin S. Martin, Kevin Schwasinger, FORBIDDEN CITY Creative Director, interrelates his experience as an artist into the senses of men's and women's fashion. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


Shanghai Now and To Be: impressionist interpretation of purity in reality vs purity in its manmade ideal. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us.


Time-tested, age-old, artisanal traditions from sculpture to bamboo scaffolding build societies and decide futures. Juxtapositions of dreams versus reality shape the cityscape of the designer's mind. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


The solitude of Lac Leman creates the perfect workspace to enter the interior of thought. This is where dreams take flight, ideas are honed, and design is born. In parallel to an ever changing background of mountains, lake and city, the moniker 'Infinite Luxury for Life' churns beauty in the designer's mind as if he were standing in a museum's rotating world of collections. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


New York, Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore. Every City is a FORBIDDEN CITY. So said the label since the beginning and for good reason. The intensity of the city blended with the peace of creative space fuel the dynamic inclusion of so many nuanced elements of our lifestyle of design. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


When the air we breathe is the same what happens? Do we yet understand the magical connection between two beings? What we wear affects the desire we feel for each other. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


An exploration of the fluidity of life. FORBIDDEN CITY discovers and introduces pragmatic use of luxury design for all genders. Men, Women, X - sensorial experience is what trumps labels. The natural attraction between object and sex is where fashion meets human need. Human need is also sometimes far from ethereal and primitive; it can be pragmatic too. John & Kevin's thesis has always been to design in reality and for reality, with whatever label or role that may be being irrelevant to the grand scheme of being who we really are. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us


Within the design of each piece comes a story of adventure and inspiration from one of over 120 countries visited or inhabited by the designer. Feeling the pulse of different people, cultures, and spaces on a daily basis weaves specialty and nuanced universality into every collection. From the early days of Asian inspired jewelry to our current day legendary globalist pragmatism that defines our five product lines, therein lies the key to why Forbidden City is desired by the world's top names from Kazakhstan's steppe to America's biggest cities and every place in between. Click here to Mint this NFT or contact us

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