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Traveling well is traveling sound. Our luggage collection features classic forms with the most supple leather in the world. Seas and skies can be rough at times, so all of our pieces can be optionally protected with Forbidden City's infamous bulletproof nylon covers. We think of everything.

Bouvier Suede Noir

Calfskin Leather Messenger Bag with Suede
Bouvier Suede Noir Bouvier Suede Noir

Bouvier En Cuir

Calfskin Leather Messenger Bag
Bouvier En Cuir Bouvier En Cuir

Céligny Suede Noir

Black Suede Small Valise
Céligny Suede Noir Céligny Suede Noir

Céligny En Cuir

Calfskin Small Valise
Céligny En Cuir Céligny En Cuir
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