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Once you are dressed in Forbidden City why not continue the experience into your home? Furniture, interior accessories, bed & bath, feather pillows & duvets are our latest specialty that follows our ethos of Swiss quality and simple luxury design.


Throws (2)

The most luxurious cashmere in the world takes the form of an entrée to inventive and inviting coziness. Explore our universe of some of the finest throws and blankets the world has ever seen.

Small Leather Goods

Small Leather Goods (9)

Hiding your identity behind an emerald green crocodile passport cover sounds like a nice way to run away. Don't leave behind your porte-monnaie on your way out the door too.


Bed (11)

Sink into the silky luxury of the softest percale cotton bedding with handmade sheet collections. Goose down duvets and pillows along with an entire suite of luxuries hand made to perfection in Switzerland help you drift off to your own personal dreamscape.


Bath (5)

Hand finished to perfection in Switzerland and Italy, the entire bath collection of Swiss Cotton terry cloth towels, bath sheets, hand towels, guest towels, and bath mats is the final addition to luxury in your most intimate space.

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