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Swiss & Italian Perfection

FORBIDDEN CITY™ is twenty years in the making: a unique and rare luxury brand that defines exclusivity, discretion and timeless, pragmatic design. Discover our sensorial universes of jewelry, noble fibres, interior accessories, perfumes, & cosmetics. Designed & Made in Switzerland and Italy.

Quality of yesteryear. Luxury beyond imagination.

E-By Invitation Only

How do we keep our 'by invitation only' ethos alive when online? This difficult question created innovation. FORBIDDEN CITY™ introduces a fashion first that no other brand has accomplished.

Experience the exclusivity of meeting us in person by ordering your FC collection along with an optional NFT smart or conventional contract that limits our production to no more than the number of physical and digital pieces you desire to be available in your country or even throughout the world. Welcome to the next generation of FORBIDDEN CITY™.

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