The Swiss in London isn’t a new phenomenon but Heidi in London certainly is. Switzerland: what does it mean? Yes your mind might drift to all the recent political hoop-lah but please bring your mind to the more pleasant pastures of milk and more milk. Quality, Perfection, Punctuality – that’s what we do here in this tiny little success story set in the Alps – and that’s what our Heidi stands for.

Hailing from an ancient village in Canton Bern, standing six foot four (yes we’re using the Imperial System), Heidi reigns supreme. Tall, talented, and with a heart of gold, she defines the word “Wo-man.” From her hair-up, big-glasses-Clark Kent I’m a lawyer and I mean it look (yes she’s actually a lawyer), to her six inch spike heels trotting down the street with some flash Forbidden City diamond and mother of pearl earrings, a leather jacket and a blond pony-tail – Heidi wears it well and does it all. She’s what most men alive in the sixties would call “a knockout.”

And where is Schmeidiland? Its certainly not that ho-hum half a mountain near Vaduz that only a castaway prince from Liechtenstein would dare visit. Schmeidiland is the conglomeration of the global adventures our dear Heidi has had as a happy-go-lucky dweller of the Forbidden City. She refers to our CEO as Schmeidi – and oddly enough – we think they may be fraternal twins. Holding two cold coupes de Champagne that sweat in the limelight of the China Club’s outdoor bar in Hong Kong, its yet another “prost / Gan-bei” for this duosome as they conquer another of the world’s great commercial capitals in style. Mr. Cooney readily admits that he doesn’t need to go to the Maldives for holiday, his suntan emanates from standing in the afterglow of his family of friends who happen to be his star clients, especially dear Heidi.

“I think everyone who wears our creations has a heart and has unimaginable depth. As a company, we’re really blessed to work with such stunning spirits and characters,” he quips whilst standing with Heidi at a recent customer gala held at Amankora in Thimpu, Bhutan. The cosmic connection of these spirits is our Forbidden City family. Fabulous as they are, they each reject the blah and accept the exceptional. And little Miss Heidi is no exception to that rule. In general this is a lady who just gets it. She’s over the top when called to action and a lightworker with a gentle way that puts others before herself.

Fraternal twins or not, Heidi is good company to keep.