What is a lifestyle, really? A dictionary definition would say it’s about how a person goes about living their daily life. But in the lingua franca, it is used as an epithet (for example, a degenerate lifestyle), or more often it is used as a measure of wealth.

In fact, a lifestyle is about so much more than wealth or lack thereof – lifestyle is actually highly personal, an ethereal concept not easily described. So to attempt to define a Forbidden City lifestyle in a few short paragraphs would be like trying to define the color of a mirror.

What can be described, however, are multiple aspects of Forbidden City, that when considered together begin to illustrate a set of values and attributes in which a unique group of people of varying backgrounds and incomes see aspects of themselves. The starting point is the belief that a lifestyle as defined by luxury companies in overpriced magazines isn’t really a lifestyle at all, just marketing. The end point is indeed a fantastic little city whose dwellers are the finest, brightest and most intrinsically interesting people the world has on offer who agree on the essence of what they love in life.

Woven into the fabric of Forbidden City are the notions of appreciation of uniqueness, of individuality, and of elegance and discretion. The result is a collection of luxuries which make a subtle yet firm statement, which are as individual as the person who falls in love with them, and which make life more beautiful in an unobtrusive way.

Forbidden City does not aim to define lifestyles, rather it seeks to augment them. It does not aim to create a style or look, rather it seeks to add refinement to the style of self-assured people who create their own. Its creations do not serve as billboards for the values of their purchasers, rather as private diaries of personal standards.

At the core of everything Forbidden City does is the notion that a lifestyle should not define a person, a person should define their lifestyle. And that a great lifestyle consists of the basics which transcend time and luxury- laughing, traveling, eating well and enjoying lasting relationships.

It has been said that a lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you. Which sums up nicely the Forbidden City ethos that nothing can replace the fundamentals of a life well lived, but that tasteful, elegant accoutrements can go a long way to making it that much more enjoyable.