Today’s largest luxury brands have forsaken exclusivity for sales, witnessed by the proliferation of their boutiques in every high street and even the dreaded shopping mall. True to its name, Forbidden City chooses to retain its luxurious exclusivity by remaining, well, forbidden, to all but the knowing few who value luxury and quality over being “look at me” brand billboards. Which is why we chose the world’s most exclusive luxury destinations – Aman Resorts – as our only public point of sale…not to mention that our brand CEO is an amanjunkie, who adores embracing the world’s most exotic locales through the sensuality and simplicity of Aman.

Aman Resorts offer a guest experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service. Each resort and setting is unique, but certain elements characterize all of them — an intertwining with local culture, exceptional service and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy – just like a private home.

Forbidden City also creates luxuries that are unique yet contain certain elements which characterize the ensemble – the finest materials, exceptional customer service, exclusivity and discretion.

The way water fills an Aman pool, or the way light is reflected by a Forbidden City jade bracelet are aspects of a luxury lifestyle that are sometimes so simple that their elegance is sometimes too simple or sometimes too complex for words. These nuances are what makes both Aman’s properties and Forbidden City’s luxuries experiences known only by clients who understand just how enriching life can actually be.