Only the privileged few understand the fine difference between custom and bespoke. It’s one thing to order a custom trim package for your new car and say you own a custom car. But it’s quite another to hold something in your hand made of the finest materials on earth and know it was designed just for you and no one else.

Your imagination and whims are our passion. From finding a specialist who can sew lavender crocodile piping into one of our jetset sleeper cashmere hoodies, to matching the leather in your aircraft with our accessories, we graciously carry your existence into our inspired world of the ultimate.

Inspiration at Forbidden City comes not only from our creators’ own world travels but also from the infinite ability of our clients to continually wow us with their version of perfection in the context of our seasonal product lines. Meeting the demands of demanding, quality focused and perfection driven clientele is a task we prioritize above all other activities at the company.

It is only through this dedication to the most exacting standards that we can continually innovate the brand and to continue to graciously answer the call of global private clientele who are truly to thank for working hand-in-hand with us during our creative process.

In this regard there is no true way to define the meaning of the word “bespoke”. Except perhaps with the word YOU.